CURIE Executive

CURIE Executive is a network of forty hand-picked women focused on getting a first mover understanding of the newest business strategies. It boosts competences within business development, and provides its members with a unique opportunity to expand their network of thought leading women.


Five annual network meetings: All meetings are focused on 21st century business models, disruptive technologies and innovation toolsets to create outstanding business strategies. All meetings have inspirational speakers and member training.


Click here to find the full program for this season 2018/19 of CURIE Executive.


"What I appreciate the most? To meet other ambitious and curious women in a setting where professionalism together with new, interesting angles in the digital field is the focus. I'm always super inspired when I go home.” Member of CURIE Executive 2017/18

CURIE of Tomorrow

CURIE of Tomorrow is a network of aspiring women who all feel an appetite to become world-leading businesswomen. The network focuses on skill training in business model development and innovation toolsets. It reveals some of the most interesting elements of innovative business models, new technology and innovation toolsets that serve the challenges of the 21st century.


The CURIE women of tomorrow meet five times annually in a collaborative spirit focusing on professional and personal development.


Click here to find the full program for this season 2018/19 of CURIE of Tomorrow.


"What I appreciate the most? Going home after a network meeting filled with energy and my brain is buzzing with new inputs. My world has grown so much bigger!” Member of CURIE of Tomorrow 2017/18

CURIE Intensive

CALLING ALL WOMEN IN BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY, AND INNOVATION: We live in a wicked time where technology, our lifestyle, and work culture are challenging our sensibility, heart, and soul. This weekend of CURIE Intensive we focus on how the age of rapid change is affecting you, your business and our society. We are here to listen, learn, and make the necessary changes so we can live life as we want to.


In the program of this weekend you will find a mixture of business development, new technology, leadership, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Why? Because it is all a part of being a good project manager, entrepreneur, and a business woman.


We look forward to seeing you in





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New technology


Innovation management

Meet Jibo. The world’s first family robot.

Pioneer in social robotics, Dr. Cynthia Breazeal, MIT, has developed a friendly, helpful and intelligent robot for family use. Mashable wrote: "Jibo isn’t an appliance, it’s a companion, one that can interact and react with its human owners in ways that delight”. And YAHOO News reported that: "Jibo’s potential extends far beyond engaging in casual conversation and completing daily tasks”.


Artificial intelligence and robots are closely related because movement demands intelligence. In welfare technology we often see new inventions helping elderly. In transportation we have selfdriving cars and unmanned aircrafts.


How do you embrace these new kinds of technology? And how can it improve the industry you are in? Let's discuss at our next meeting in CURIE.




Something interesting is happening.

Uber, The world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Airbnb, the world’s largest accomodation provider, owns no real estate.


All three companies are exponential organisations that do not own assets or workforce like traditional organisations do. They float atop the existing and emerging infrastructure rather than trying to own it.


If you would like to know more about exponential organisations join CURIE where we will talk about this topic. If you cannot wait we suggest you read the book "Exponential Organizations" written by Ismail, Malone and Van Geest from Singularity University.


Link: Interview with Samil Ismail


Neuroscience in Innovation.

The brain is our personal supercomputer that controls everything we do and how we think. Our creative brainset enables us to come up with solutions to difficult problems, develop new and valuable ideas and perform everyday problem solving.


Take the financial crisis as an example where many people have been forced to find new ways of doing things due to a sudden lack of financial resources. Or think about yourself living a modern working life where you constantly need to keep yourself in balance with increased demands.


Neuroscience has come a long way to understand how we train our creative and innovative brainset. We now have tools to train our creative brainsets in order to strengthen our innovative potential and collaboration in innovation processes. If you would like to learn more please join CURIE where we will be training our innovative thinking.


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